Color Transparencies creating square and color shift


Empathy empowered me when I designed for the homeless and road constructors as a student; it inspired me when I did the research of Generation Xers and the elderly people in my 20s.

Regardless of occupation, age or any other gaps, I succeeded in understanding all the target users' pains and desires.


In the highly interdisciplinary environment provided by CMU, my role shifted among product manager, designer and occasionally engineer from project to project.

Understanding other roles’ capabilities and responsibilities guaranteed the efficiency of our work and promised the quality of our deliverables.


An innovator works 24/7 - not only for school or work, but also for the passion inside her heart.

Enchanted by the complexity of humanity, the power of technology and the infinity of imagination, I enjoy absorbing new information, experimenting with new techniques, huntng for new opportunities and tackling new challenges.

Selected Projects

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Jah Ying Chung

Co-founder, Launchpilots

Brian Woodard

Co-founder, 360showings

Jenna Date

Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

Avram Billig

Founder, Pastport